Kelele África is an NGO with a ten year experience on the ground and they are creating this initiative to offer new job possibilities for the local people, trying to diversify from the most common skills development offered in the area in order to give them an advantage in the labour market.
They started in 2011 with a sewing workshop and a collaboration with a small local school, in a rural region of west Uganda. In 2015 they inaugurated their own nursery and primary school “ Kumwenya School” with a strong emphasis on the development of creativity. Since 2016 they offer lodging to solidarity tourists and volunteers in order to give sustainability to the educational project. Recently they built a social center that has a hair salon, a cybercafé that teaches IT skills and a stationery store. The next project is to set up a photography school, as there is a real demand for commercial photographers and there are no training schools in the region.
Here is where I come in. My name is Arlette Olaerts and I have been a professional photographer for almost 20 years. I have a lot of experience with teaching photography and I sincerely don’t know what I like more, taking the pictures or teaching this wonderful profession. When Eva from Kelele phoned me I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea to go to Uganda and help them with setting up the course. It's a dream coming true! As you may well understand this has its costs. So I am asking you to help me fund this trip and therefore offer young people new opportunities. I will give you a detailed list of the expenses. Every amount, even very small, is more than welcome:)
And if we manage to pull together more resources we could think of providing the school and students with needed materials to make the most out of this learning experience.

A detailed list of all the expenses:

Before traveling:
Yellow fever vaccine: 18€
PCR: 60 €
Online visa: 48€
Health insurance for 3 months: 170€
Ticket flight: +- 600€
Total: 896€

In Uganda:
PCR when arriving at Entebbe: 27€
PCR when leaving Uganda: 54€
Full board accommodation at Kelele Lodge: 7,5€ x 84 nights= 630€
Traveling by bus in Uganda: 80€
Total: 791€

Paying my personal expenses for three months in Spain: 700€ a month x 3 = 2100€

Total expenses: 3787€
The team:
Arlette Olaerts, professional photographer, artist, fashion designer and designer of the campaign. 
Kelele África is the initiative and the efforts of two women in love with Uganda: Eva Henrich and Chelo Morueco. You can read more about the Kelele project:


Expenses and rewards of the campaign 

Todo la información en español 

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