The prologue of the book written by Eva Henrich and Chelo Morueco, founders of Kelele África
In our continuous attempt to help the youth of the communities with which we work in Uganda since 2011, we are always looking for ideas/activities to equip them with skills that would help them carve out a future for themselves more worthy, more exciting and safer. The young population, those who have completed their studies at some level and do not have a job, make up the vast majority of young people in rural areas. And they are who we were thinking of when we thought of creating a photography and video workshop. We wanted to offer something very different from the training that exists in the area, something that would give them a job advantage for lack of competition.
And one day, while looking through Facebook, I saw some photos of Arlette and I knew that we had found the activity we were looking for: a photography workshop, specializing in commercial photography, especially for events, which is what has the highest demand in our area. We contacted Arlette the next day and her immediate answer was YES, she would love to do it. She loved the idea from minute one so we all got to work to make this dream come true as soon as possible.
And it has really been a dream come true because we could not have had a better teacher than Arlette. Her absolute dedication, her professionalism, her enormous affection for the students has ensured that the workshop was an unprecedented success. The students speak of her with incredible respect and admiration, but above all with a love that transcends all barriers. They have learned at an impressive speed to handle all kinds of equipment and more importantly: they have perceived the possibility of a future through a lens.
At this moment you can order the book through me, sending an email to and soon it wil be for sale online.

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